About Me

SugarLump Creations was created out of a love and passion for the Christmas holidays. Although I have items that are not associated with Christmas, I got my start creating Christmas ornaments.Christmas is always a sentimental time of year for me. The first time I can remember admiring beautiful Christmas decorations was at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother, Mama Esther had a designer flair admired by many. She was a talented artist with many gifts. At a young age, I was introduced to pottery, millinery, sewing, and all aspects of decorating.

My daddy would go all out with having his home and church decorated. He and his cousin Lana (both deceased) have been pleased with SugarLump’s ornaments while Mama Esther provides a few tips on how I could improve on the flow from one room to the next. I love this time of year because I feel close to all of them during the holidays. Daddy often referred to me as his little “SugarLump”, thus the name of my shop.

I have a wonderful husband, five grown kids, four dogs, and an awesome mother. I am an educator of students with disabilities. I love my job and I am passionate about the quality of education for all students. When my workday ends, my SugarLump day begins. I am updating items, creating new ones and designing future hats, flowers, glasses and ornaments daily. I am truly blessed to have an understanding family who support me in all of my projects.

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