Gathering Inspiration for Christmas Decorations 2013

This was my first year going to the Nutcracker Market here in Houston.  I heard so much about how this was the premier in Christmas decoration and entertaining shopping.  I must say this is the ultimate shopping experience for the holidays.  There were all types of original designs for children clothing, and unique designs in women accessories as well.

IMG_3621 IMG_3620 IMG_3619 IMG_3618 IMG_3617 IMG_3616

This year I wanted to bring in a little Winter Wonderland effect to my decorations.  So I was delighted to find the decorations from Paul Michael Home (pictured above).  Here are white ornaments I found at Hobby Lobby.

20130730_Christmas shopping images_2050

20130827_Christmas shopping images_2040 20130827_Christmas shopping images_2033

20130730_Christmas shopping images_2049 20130730_Christmas shopping images_2048The more I shopped for a winter white theme, the more whimsical décor I found.  I settled on the peppermint theme for a whimsical twist to my handmade chocolate ornaments.  Next year I will find a way to use these fun ornaments.  These cute shoes would be awesome on a pink 4 foot mini tree for the little princess at home.  Next year I will find some non-breakable versions of these for my grand daughter’s tree.

20131027_Christmas shopping images_2023

The possibilities are endless.  These ornaments are so much fun, however I do believe my little boo can’t appreciate the beauty of having her own tree yet.  This looks like it would be easy to make with feathers and foam board.

20130730_Christmas shopping images_2051

I love the gold frames.  Several years ago, I made ornaments to place pictures of my loves ones who had passed on.  These are just elegant and would add to the decorations on garlands and trees with photos that would make any event a memorable one.

This next group of photos is real inspiration for my Christmas decorations.  The people here at Craftex of Houston are real professionals that push the limits of Christmas decorating for all garlands, wreaths, trees, outdoor decor and entertaining.  Take a look for yourself:

IMG_3065 IMG_3063 IMG_3062 IMG_3061



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