Hand-made Holiday Desert Ornaments for the Sweet Tooth

This year I decided to add a custom one of a kind design to our office Christmas Tree.  It all started as a way to incorporate a warm brown color in our decor.  I was browsing at the local family dollar store when I noticed a pile of pool noodles.  My initial thought was to design a massive top treatment that would cascade out of the top of the tree.  But the more I stared at the noodles, the more the idea faded. 

I cut five pieces the length of the noodle and decided to roll them into cinnamon rolls.  For a variety, I was able to distinguish between regular, chocolate and raspberry.    Later I decided to make the remainder of the noodles into donuts.  I was able to include many of the ornaments on the office tree.

I decorated a 4 foot entry tree to use as part of the back drop in the reception area.  I plan to add garland and a wreath later.  This tree emphasized different textures and varieties of CHOCOLATE!  

Here are a few more pictures of the desert ornaments on the main tree.

Special thanks go out to Renese Turner, Renee Garner,  Wanda Gould, and the rest of the office administrative assistants for their contributions in decorating the tree.  They were able to put up the tree, shape and fluff the branches, connect the lights, and hang the ornaments.  They did a great job.

We are participating as a vendor for the Jazz Soirée sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta at Hilton’s Americas Hotel in downtown Houston this Sunday, December 4, 2011.

We wanted to add a little attitude to the office atmosphere so we added a 2 foot DIVA tree.

Our chocolate cake slices add decadent flavor to the reception area.

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