A Winter Wonderland Christmas at the Westin

IMG_3861The decorations at the Westin Memorial City in Houston caught my attention.  They were different and simply beautiful. I was aware of the remodeling plans for the ballrooms, but I had no idea the electrical options were so grand.  i guess I never put much thought into having ceiling outlets.  This alone is a decorator’s DREAM because the possibilities are endless.

I was so captivated, I  walked around the lobby and surrounding areas just taking pictures and gathering ideas.  Southern University Alumni is having it’s annual Mardi Gras Ball here on Feb. 1st, and I have been contracted to provide the lobby decorations.  I wish I had time to gather items to take advantage of the new lighting opportunities. Here are the pictures of their Christmas decorations.

IMG_3858These lights are so cute, there isn’t much you would need to add.  It gives the clean monochromatic design look that is so popular today.

IMG_3859This is the same color pallet I use for my Winter Wonderland theme.  This is so calming and relaxing for the holidays.  But then these colors SCREAM calm and relaxed.

IMG_3857I wonder what they used to attach the garland on the glass railings.  This is the look that garnished the stairway for four stories.







IMG_3847Here is a picture of the Christmas tree in the lounge area.







IMG_3850I hope you get some inspiration and ideas from these pictures.  I always enjoy seeing great designer decorations.

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